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Er der andre der har købt de skandinaviske udgaver af Deadwood på bluray? Jeg har fejl med underteksterne på sæson 1 og lyden er et sekund ude af sync på sæson 2. Derudover virker dialogen nogle gange "metallisk" i lyden.

Er der andre der kan af/bekræfte at de også har problemer med dem?

Her fra min mail til Paramount som jeg ikke har hørt fra endnu.
Season 1:
Disc ID: GE 111152 BLB R1
Cover ID: NC111152BSV
Cover EAN: 7 332431 040786
The Danish subtitles have many words that are not separated by a space as they should. Most of the time it's 2 words and a few times 3 words. It happens very often throughout the whole season on all 3 discs.
See attached screenshots with chapter and time stamp from disc 1.

Season 2:
Disc ID: GE 111219 BLB
Cover ID: NC111219BSV
Cover EAN: 7 332431 040793
The audio is out of sync with the image. I've tried episode 1 and 2 with same result and have included a video of it here.

For both season 1+2 the dialogue sometimes appears "metallic" in regards to the sound. The music sounds fine. I have a mildly expensive audio setup and these discs are the only ones I've ever had this problem with. I've playing the discs on my PS3 and have not have problems with audio sync or subtitles on any other discs, not even after they appeared on Deadwood, as I've tried other discs after.

Season 3:
Disc ID: GE 112929 BLB R1
Cover ID: NC112929BSV
Cover EAN: 7 340112 707194
I have only watched the first few minutes of season 3 episode 1 and didn't encounter those problems so far (maybe the metallic sound, not sure yet), but since I've not seen season 2 yet due to the audio problem I'm not going to continue with that yet.
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