Val Kilmer, der i 1986 spillede Ice Man i hittet “Top Gun”, er tilsyneladende klar til at medvirke i en eventuel fortsættelse.

Kilmer kom således i et nyligt interview ind på en gentagelse af rollen, og udtalte: ”Jeg vil gerne være med, men det vil Tom [Cruise] ikke. Jeg har endda en god titel – ‘Dog Fight’. Er det ikke en god titel?”.

Paramount har tilsyneladende ønsket en fortsættelse lige siden filmen kom frem. Men projektet er gang på gang blevet afvist af Cruise, der ikke ønsker at lave en fortsættelse.

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#1 MadMartigan 18 år siden

Det ville også være en skam, den vil aldrig kunne nå den første film til sokkerholderne...
I'm your huckleberry...

#2 Tylerdurden 18 år siden

Come on Cruise! Go on give us another one!
You stay classy, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy?

#3 filmz-Arcona 18 år siden

Rambo 4, Rocky 6, Top Gun 2, er det en ny trend at lave sequels til gamle film? :)

#4 filmz-houseman 18 år siden

Ja, manden er jo kommet videre nu. han laver ikke ligegyldige actionfilm længere. Nu er det dybe episke film som mission impossible han fordyber sig i.

#5 nostromo 18 år siden

There has been made too much parodies with Top Gun to even reach a serious element in the mainstream movie promotion.

Furthermore, the story is simply not that interesting in 2006. Top Gun was about cocky testosterone driven young kids as fighter pilots. It was unrealistic then and it is unrealistic now. All they would change now is the element of 9/11 and instead of 80ies music we'd have Black Eyed Peas and crappy brain numbing acid techno music pumping our blood pressure to incredible hights...

The movie Stealth, simply ended up in the gutter somewhere, but the DVD sales might pick up. (Like Blade III, it sucked during the theater run, but picked up well on the DVD market)

Tom Cruise has his hands full (and I don't mean with his wife to be). By the way what a nice was to pretend he is not gay by marrying that ugly brat.
So he is busy on M.I:3 which has a ton of great people involved but it might fall apart since it has been crumbling for a long time now. I am still hopeful though, but Part 2 was so fraggin lame, that it make me want to puke my guts out.

And Arcona, you are right, there is a trend in the sequels, worst, we have gone beyond sequels and entered, not the second installment but the third, fourth and even fifth installments of movies that should have been DEAD and buried.

I really like Val Kilmer, but DAMN, he needs to get another The Doors gig or something, cause he is so much better than Sequels...

For those who think Katie Holmes is one hot chick, think again :
Girl: It said my cookies aren't turned on? What am I supposed to do, pour some milk on myself and show them my tits?

#6 gladiator 18 år siden

han lyder som en der mangler noget arbejde...

#7 filmz-tk-421 18 år siden

tvivler også stærkt på de kan genskabe den 80'er energi man så i Top Gun og mange andre film... skulle en sequel været lavet skulle det være dengang... måske er min holdning præget af Nostromo's post, og efter at have set Stealth!?

baseline, don't do this sequel..

Val Kilmer, tjaeh hans comment omkring dette til side syntes jeg han er ganske ok skuespiller? Mindhunters, Spartan, Blind Horizon og Salton Sea var da alle rimlige film med rimlig performance fra manden--- glæder mig til at se Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

TK-421, why aren't you at your post?

#8 Norrah 18 år siden

#5 how does that make her: not hot? you must be a very superficial person if a "disease" or what the hell that is, can revolt you that much. It's not like it's gonna stay there forever, so what if it isn't that appealing, she is still hot. What if Scarlett johansson got hit in the head and got black and blue, would she then stop being pretty? or help me here...!!

#7 du glemmer Willow, helt klart det bedste han har lavet so far...

#9 nostromo 18 år siden

Dude (Sephiroth), She revolts me in General.

She is in my opinion a lazy eyed ugly woman child. That is what I think and if you are too dumb to accept that other people have other taste in women, then you need to recheck your reality!

You are the one being superficial, because you simply didn't accept that others have different taste in women...
Girl: It said my cookies aren't turned on? What am I supposed to do, pour some milk on myself and show them my tits?

#10 Norrah 18 år siden

No mate, you said, and i quote: "For those who think Katie Holmes is one hot chick, think again"

you are using this as evidence, if you had said, i just don't like her because she has cooties, then fair enough. But you used this as a direct reason to "dislike" her, and that is why i said what i did. Also, she is not "my taste" or what ever you said, so that claim that i can't accept people having a different taste, doesn't realy work.

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